The Biggest Social Media Opportunity That You Aren’t Leveraging

The most significant social networks opportunity that you aren’t leveraging? How often do you log into LinkedIn? Well, I bet you it’s not enough. LinkedIn has over 830 million users in over 200 countries. If you’re trying to market in the B2B world, you have to utilize LinkedIn. It’s the most significant social media network out there that simply concentrates on B2B. And even if you remain in the B2C world, you can still promote there too, because keep in mind people on LinkedIn are also customers.

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Now, out of those 830 million users only 3 million share content according to Kinsta. That really is a small ratio. That’s less than 1%. To provide you a contrast, Instagram has approximately 1.2 billion users. Out of those 1.21 billion users roughly 87% are creating content according to Real List. Can you see the problem here? LinkedIn has a lot of users, however way less engagement. LinkedIn has heaps of users, however less than 1% develop material. While other social media networks have a lot more content due to the fact that their users are far more active when it concerns producing material.

But here’s what you don’t achieve on Instagram, TikTok Facebook and most social networks, when you create material it’s difficult to get all your followers to see your content. Why is that? It’s because you’re taking on a great deal of other content manufacturers. So the algorithms can pick what they reveal individuals since they’re being flooded with material. However with LinkedIn, not truly. They do not have the high-end to be as particular about what content they display. They simply require more of it. So whatever they get, they’re delighted with it and they simply accept it.

Now, that does not mean every piece of content you post is going to go viral. It simply indic