My Biggest Advertising Mistake (and What I Learned)

My biggest advertising mistake and what I learned. Lots of people assume I’ve constantly been at the level I’m at now, and the level I’m at now isn’t the very best. I can still get much better and enhance. However I’m a New york city Times bestselling author. I’m an in-demand entrepreneur and marketer. I’m a thought leader in the digital marketing area. And that’s not to boast. Behind every success story are countless failures, and my most significant failure was one for the books. In truth, it ended up costing me over a million dollars. $1,250,391, to be exact. That’s a lot of money, and it was an error I’m still gaining from all the time. Can you guess what it was? Do you believe it was a social media mistake or wagering big on an SEO technique that didn’t turn out? It wasn’t either of those things.

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It was everything about my site’s messaging, and that mistake was so huge that one of my best-ever organization ideas nearly collapsed entirely. Here’s what took place.

I began a site called Kissmetrics in 2008, and it was an analytics business. It was an incredible site centered around helping users acquire access to essential and actionable metrics surrounding user habits. But the worth prop was never ever clear. I spent years tinkering with that headline, however no success to show for it.

I began going much shorter with my headlines, working harder to discover a method to make my main value prop actually stick out. I began using social proof and using free trials to enhance trustworthiness. And think what? I got almost an immediate 40% bump in conversions. And that means for 3 years I was losing out on 40% of my conversions.

What I learned, lesson number one, your value prop is whatever.