Do This Email Marketing Strategy for 100 Days

Are your e-mails really getting open? Are your customers really clicking on the content you’re sending out? If they’re not getting open, and your click-through rate is simply in the seamless gutter, it’s time to alter things up.

00:00 Introduction 01:04 Step 1|Scrub Your List 02:08 Step 2|Customize Your Messages 03:04 Step 3|Segment Your Audience 03:40 Action 4|Test, Test, Test! 04:10 Action 5|Automate When You Can

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89% of markers use e-mail as their main channel for lead-generation, and 22% of markers in fact report click-through rates of over 20%, versus the market average of 10.69%. So, if you desire sky-high click-through rates, it’s achievable. You just have to execute the right method. Here are few easy steps that you require to implement ASAP, for the next hundred days, so that your e-mail campaigns can be effective.

Step one, scrub your list. Here’s the thing. You want your list to keep growing bigger and larger, right? If you keep sending emails to individuals who do not open up your e-mail, even if they don’t mark it as spam, even if they do not unsubscribe, however if they do not open up your email. So provide options like Gmail and Outlook, will begin putting your emails in other individuals’s spam boxes. So you desire to unsubscribe. In other words, scrub your email list, remove people that don’t engage with your e-mail list. It’s the simplest method to get your e-mails delivered in the inbox for everyone.

Step two, personalize your messages. We found that, when we customize our subject line in our e-mails, we get open rates of approximately 74% more. So, you can do little things like putting the person’s name in the subject line, right? That’s an easy way to individualize it. Or you can make your subject line all lowercase. See, when somebody’s sending you a busines