Why I Focus on Social Media Marketing Over SEO

Why concentrate on social media marketing over SEO? You’re probably amazed to hear this, after all, I’m mainly understood for all things SEO. So why do I concentrate on social networks marketing now? Because I have actually learned that it is among the quickest and most efficient ways to drive major traffic to any site. That does not imply to state that SEO does not work, it does, and I still like it, heck, my business trusts it, our customers do, and SEO has developed me among the biggest companies in the marketing space. Heck, it’s developed me one of the fastest growing companies in the United States according to Inc. Magazine as well.

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However here’s a fascinating stat for you, 74% of social networks users really utilize social media to make buying decisions. Influencers and social marketplaces are big nowadays and they can quickly and efficiently promote your services and products. And half of adult internet users say that when a brand name includes their data into social advertisements it helps them discover services or products that directly line up with what they’re trying to find.

In essence, business are using those targeted advertisements that a lot of people state they never click on and do not work but in truth people are clicking them. If they wouldn’t, Google and Facebook wouldn’t be as huge of a business as they really are. And if you’re targeting more youthful audiences they’re all over TikTok and Instagram right now, and even Snapchat.

The amount of time that grownups use social networks across every platform each day is greater than ever, 95 minutes, that’s more than an hour and a half, that’s a l