This is KILLING Your SEO Strategy (Here’s How to Fix It)

Your site has to supply users with a premium experience, or they will 100% look for a various site. Here’s how you can enhance your UX so that you can kick your SEO method into high gear.

00:00 Introduction 01:13 Tip # 1|Enhance Your Page Speed 02:01 Idea # 2|Optimize Your Images 02:39 Tip # 3|Make Certain Your Headings Are Perfect 03:12 Suggestion # 4|Streamline Your Site’s Navigation 03:49 Pointer # 5|Enhance Your Mobile Speed Experience

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If you could avoid one SEO error, what would it be? Now, there are tons of huge no-nos when it pertains to SEO. The more apparent red flags that can really get you punished consist of things like keyword stuffing, using a lots of duplicate content, buying backlinks, and things like that. However there’s one major problem I see a ton of newbies make and it’s probably not the one you think, of due to the fact that when people consider SEO, they consider keywords, backlinks, meta descriptions, and things like that. The thing I see that people examine all the time that’s eliminating their SEO strategy is not optimizing their UX. See, browse engines don’t just assess web pages based on the keywords you use or how many backlinks you have.

Pointer number one, optimize your page speed. 88.5% of visitors leave a site due to the fact that of sluggish load time. Just picture, you get your phone, you go to do a Google search, you click on a result, one 2nd, two seconds, 3 seconds, still not filled, 4 seconds, five seconds, 6 seconds, halfway loaded, seven seconds, eight seconds, 9 seconds, completely filled. That’s a very long time. You’re going to leave the site. Make sure your code is clean using a CDN, which is a content shipment network, so that way your website is on servers all over the web.

Idea number two, enhance your images and content. Updating and republishing old article with ne