The Biggest Lie You’ve Been Told About Social Media

We’ve never ever seen anything like social networks before, not in our lifetime, not in any lifetime. With literally billions of users across every corner of the globe, it’s extraordinary lightning-fast approach of exchanging information and false information.

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As somebody that publishes routinely on almost every significant social media platform, I see all sorts of insane takes everywhere all the time. And the one that absolutely drives me crazy, since of how false it is, is social networks marketing does not drive fundamental outcomes. That’s just flat-out incorrect.

For a great deal of the old-school entrepreneur, they simply presume that social networks marketing is something that kids are on and their brand social media presence is essentially established to keep up looks and keep some sort of online existence. However the reality is that social networks marketing can drive lots of traffic leads and conversions, period. Don’t believe me.

Here are a couple of statistics that show you what a huge fat lie that, hey social networks marketing doesn’t provide outcomes actually is. 34% of customers use social media to learn more about brand names and their product or services. In essence, people enjoy finding out what services and products to utilize based upon what they see on the social web. 70% of marketers utilize Facebook advertisements and there were 10 million active marketers on the platform in 2015. 83% of individuals used Instagram to discover new products and 87% said that they would took a particular action after seeing more details. 64% of buyers would rather send a message to a brand on social media, then call customer care. And 43% of Gen Z customers have purchased from social media platforms. 79% of pe