Product-led Content: How we Do Content Marketing at Ahrefs

In this video, you’ll learn what product-led content marketing is and how we utilize it in our marketing at Ahrefs.

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*************************************** Product-led material is content that helps individuals resolve typical issues with making use of your product. It’s not about hard-selling your item. It has to do with strategically weaving it and its use cases into the content.

Product-led material serves 3 primary purposes:

► bring awareness to your products at scale; ► acquire new customers; ► keep existing clients.

To produce product-led content, you need to do 3 things.

First, you require to ensure you know your product well and understand how it can assist solve your customers’ issues. The much better you know your item and the more you believe in its effectiveness and use cases, the much better your content will be.

Enjoy the video to find out more about this phase.

The second thing you need to do is find subjects you’ll create content around. At Ahrefs, we choose topics mostly based on search traffic capacity.

You’ll learn how we do it from the video.

The 3rd step is to focus on keywords by examining their business potential. Organization capacity is a method of scoring subjects based on how helpful you believe your product is in fixing a specific issue.

Want to find out how to do it? See the video.


0:00 Intro 0:59 Purposes of product-led material 5:23 Ensure you understand your item 6:38 Discover topics to create material around 7:25 Prioritize keywords utilizing business capacity

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