My 6 Favorite Productivity Hacks

So how do I keep myself from getting overwhelmed? And how do I make sure that I’m hitting deadlines, driving growth for my company, and ensuring that everything is getting done? Well, I try to check out a lot of methods to increase my productivity, and here are some of my preferred performance hacks.

00:00 Introduction 00:44 Set Up Much Shorter Conferences 01:16 Handing over 02:08 Understand the Power of “No”. 02:39 Tame Your Inbox. 03:07 Batch Creation. 03:44 Automate When You Can.

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Hack number one, schedule much shorter meetings. Look, the longer your meetings go, the less likely you are to be effective. I block off 30 minutes for conferences max and when I’m doing call, I attempt to keep my telephone call to 15 minutes. Not 30-minute call, none one-hour phone calls, I attempt to keep ’em short. Since what takes place is when you have your conferences or telephone call too long, individuals rattle on and they lose time and they don’t in fact prepare in advance. When they’re brief, people understand that they don’t have as much time, so they prepare before they sign up with the phone call.

Hack number 2, entrusting. When it pertains to running my advertising agency NP Digital, my objective is this: be more necessary, but less involved. Now that doesn’t mean I’m investing less time. I’m actually spending probably 60-plus hours a week on my advertisement company, however I’m trying to get other individuals to continuously do well so that way they not reliant on me. I try to focus more of my time on tactical directions, setting priorities, and supplying helpful feedback versus acting as a bottleneck. When you work with smarter individuals and you continuously grow, we have approximately 750 people, things ca