How I Built a Website That Generates 4 Million Visitors a Month

I’ve been running a high-traffic website for awhile, however it wasn’t always that way. When I first started out, boosting traffic was a challenging problem that needed a load of trial and error. I needed to be innovative, follow patterns closely, and perform my strategies at exactly the correct time. And now, I generate lots of traffic, 4 million visitors each and every single month, in fact.

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And that traffic gets turned into meaningful leads that drive major ROI for my agency. So how ‘d I do it? The answer probably isn’t what you think. Here’s what I did to make those 4 million visitors head my method. I doubled down on concentrating on long-tail keywords. Now, I understand what you’re thinking, “Should not I keep concentrating on discovering brand-new keywords that drive brand-new traffic?” The response is yes. All I do is this. Find keywords that I already rank for, even ones that look like they’re on the smaller sized side, and I find long-tail variations that are worth going after. According to Think with Google, “The long tail could supply an untapped chance to get in touch with prospective clients. Buy these areas and see volumes grow.” However what are long-tail keywords? Long-tail keywords are highly targeted search phrases that particularly serve the searchers’ intent. These keywords normally have low search volume, low competition, and high conversion rates, and they usually consist of a minimum of three, if not 4, words within the question. Here’s why I love focusing on them.

Reason one, they’re simpler to rank for. Why? Due to the fact that long-tail keywords communicate a clear need on behalf of your consumer, and they’re less compe