The Complex But Powerful World of Social Media

check-13   Are You Struggling To Figure it All Out ?

check-13  Undecided Confused –  How or Where to Begin ?

check-13  Worried about Keeping Up With It All ?

check-13 Dont Have a Plan or Strategy ?

You Are In The Right Place Folks !!

Social Media for Businesses…..

Your Home For Social Media in Plain English !!

Is a site dedicated to Helping Local businesses in Ireland…..cope in the complex and ever changing BUT NECESSARY world of Social Media online . The Bottom Line today in the new digital age is that whether you operate as a Doctor ,a Lawyer or Accountant….Or if you Operate in the retail sector as a Pub, Shop, Restaurant or any other high street business…..or whether you are a Food Manufacturer, Security Business or whatever  ….. Your Business Cannot Afford to  Ignore Social Media  ?? Remember your competitors are probably using social media.

social media for business law,health ,local businessTimes  have Changed….. If any of us need a product or service today……..Would We Google …. or use info from a Flyer….. or even bother with the Yellow Pages ? Flyers go in the bin…..the Yellow Pages are yesterdays news !! Consumers or clients…Like it or Not……. Now use Google, or Use Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin to check out a business …..and the consumer will be disappointed if you are not there!!

WORSE STILL……You are not there online but your competitors are ? Not only that …..Your Consumers or clients, are using PC,s, Smartphones or Tablets…….to Check Things Out Online…..Making Purchasing or Hiring Decisions…..Making a Choice ? If Your Competitors are there waiting for them and your business  is not…..Guess what…..Thats Bad News for your business !!

OUR SITE ….is our way of Offering Our Services admittedly….But also a way for us to provide you with Helpful Tips, Info, Products and much more and to give you Useful Social Media News from around the Web and to help you understand what social media is all about from a business perspective!!


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Social Media Training

Social Media Takes Time and Patience to Learn.

Implementing a social media business plan that works….. requires skill.With the Benefit of  Our Customised Training Services …..You and Preferably your key staff as well , will learn How to Use Social media effectively for your business !!

We specialise in training small groups, with our students using their own PC or Laptop, to implement what is being learnt !


Social Media Management

Time is Money… Its a simple fact that many professionals  or self employed people in Ireland are just Too Busy… And do not have the time……To Learn or Implement a consistent Social Media Plan.

We Can Manage either Your Facebook, Linkedin or Twitter Accounts for you….Targeting New or Existing customers.

We can run Customised Social Media campaigns for Promotions or Events.

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Lets Talk…….Consult Us

We are available for telephone or on site consultations… Let Us Help You Plan the very best social media strategy for your business

Call Rosemary…  (087)2  301544


In our experience many local businesses in Ireland have tried out one of the social media platforms often because they have been told they have to ! However the unfortunate reality is I have seen many businesses online who simply do not  get the concept of it all….


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Yes my blog is a way for my Business, To Sell its services !! But it is also an opportunity for me to explain to local Irish businesses- Why Social Media Matters, Why its Powerful and Necessary- and for those who know a bit about it all, my blog is a place where I can impart Tips- News – Info & More !


Browse Our Blog…..It Costs Nothing ….. Its Free…. Because we Hope You Will Become A Fan of Ours ??

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In Our Blog Section….. Get Tips and Tricks and Advice on the use of Social Media for promoting your Local Business in Ireland……

Including Hints, Tips & News About All Things Social Media

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Whatever Your Local  Business Is in Ireland….You may find some useful tips and tricks here!

SO….Go And Check Out the Blog Section and its Categories !